Commercial Leads Company Janitorial Segments

In our experience with generating sales leads and qualified appointments, we have discovered that promoting your cleaning services differently to specific business types through segmented channels provides focused marketing efforts with greater success rates. The way that we speak to a doctor's office is different than the messaging for a manufacturing facility. Both need your services, but for different reasons.

Our janitorial and commercial cleaning clients have implemented a program that allowed the sales rep. to offer free competitive bids and analysis. We generate qualified leads and in person appointments. With these leads and appointments, our clients are able to provide a competitive cost analysis and janitorial service comparison. The hope is to start the relationship building process with businesses to gain their long term business and commercial cleaning contracts.

Our role involves cold calling and prospecting, so that we can generate quality business leads or sales appointments for you or your sales team based upon your strategies. We can qualify your leads based upon the frequency of cleaning schedule, square footage, current needs, or your prospect's interest level.

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