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Leads For Commercial Cleaning is pleased to serve the commercial janitorial service industry. Our cold calling services allow your outside sales reps to focus on closing, while we focus on lead generation and appointment setting. We help your business obtain janitorial contracts within your service area.

We specialize in services such as:

Go with the proven winner HVAC Inside Sales to promote your Sales Team and fill the Pipeline with Appointments

We have serviced a wide customer base including commercial janitorial and commercial cleaning accounts. We have helped our clients develop a new customer base and achieve higher revenues by providing new sales leads and qualified appointments so that their sales team can issue a competitive bid for cleaning contracts or related projects. Our services include cold calling, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and lead qualification. Learn more at our video station.


Commercial Leads Company specializes in janitorial leads.

Get Janitorial Customer Leads

The benefit:

  • Our clients have a stronger penetration within the target market
  • And they see an increase in their customer base

The end goal is to help you acquire new commercial cleaning accounts and increase your revenues. Why wouldn't companies want to ensure that their janitorial service needs are met, while ensuring that they are receiving top notch service with a competitive price?

Why wouldn't you want to acquire that new business?

years of proven results

Leads for Commercial Cleaning has worked with many clients from commercial industries and we understand your specialized needs.

  • Our role involves cold calling and prospecting, so that we can generate quality business leads or sales appointments for your janitorial sales team based upon your strategies. 
  • We can qualify your leads based upon the frequency of cleaning schedule, square footage, current needs, or your prospect's interest level. 

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Build your pipeline

Consistency - If you want a consistent sales pipeline, you must have consistent cold calling and lead generation efforts.

The List - Calling into the right markets can quickly change your outcome. For the best janitorial appointments, here are some of the best markets: non-residential property management companies, manufacturing, banks, and offices. See our market segment page.

Approach –All janitorial businesses might offer similar services but are all unique in their specific offering. Offering Innovative Janitorial Solutions will allow you to really stand out in your market.

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Know your numbers

Once you know your numbers, you can compare and make adjustments as needed.

Prospecting calls - You need consistent cold calling activities.

Qualified appointments - Evaluate what percentage of calls result in appointments. Watch for declining percentages so you can take swift action. Evaluate options for increasing conversion rates.

Proposals - What percentage of meetings result in a new proposal? Are your numbers consistent or are they changing? Determine the reason for those changes.

Sales - Keep a watchful eye on your sales and revenue. Search for trends and patterns.

Start Now!

We will handle everything from creating a prospect list, developing key talking points, market segment strategizing to scheduling appointments for you.

Commercial Leads Company has been serving commercial cleaning clients since 2005.

Featured Video from our Live Station

The Leads for Commercial Cleaning video station will introduce you to janitorial cold calling services. The featured video includes information about lead generation, appointment setting and prospecting. Our video provides a brief look into our marketing programs designed for janitorial and commercial cleaning companies.